The Golden Globes Award is a platform established to confer awards on moviemakers in Hollywood and other international films industries worldwide. In 2019, the gathering of the crème de la crème in Hollywood and beyond converged in Los Angeles for the 76th golden globe awards. Let’s talk about the gold jewellery editor section instead of the awardees only, especially as we saw some fantastic pieces. The golden globe award usually sets the tone for the jewelry industry every year, and this year is not expected to be any different.

In this article, we will consider some of the best jewellery looks that caught our fancy during the event and how their owners rocked them to get the perfect look. Enjoy as you read along.

Tiffany Aurora Necklace

Lady Gaga herself needs no introduction because of her indelible mark in the music industry, political landscape, and other fields she is playing prominent roles. But Lady Gaga seemed to be in a different mood throughout the award night at the golden globe in 2019. It is not because she is Lady Gaga, a musical goddess, but more about the Tiffany Aurora Necklace she put on for the award night.

For Lady Gaga, that night was so special because the event was her first major outing in an international event for the year. Therefore, she had the necklace custom-made for what she refers to as a “Special Moment.” Gag’s stylists, Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout, revealed that the necklace was set with over 100-carats of diamonds, while Gaga herself crowned the masterpiece with a cluster of Tiffany cluster earrings to show why she is the symbol of creativity and iconic styles.

Harry Winston

Traditionally, the golden globe award is specifically an award night. But in recent times, it has become the best platform to display the best clothing line and jewellery designers. This is where you get to witness firsthand the works of Harry Winston, who scored a double win with Nicole Kidman, a nominee for an award in the best performance category. For the night, it was not just about Nicole Kidman’s nomination or outfit. It was more about the 37.62-carat secret cluster diamond bracelet and river pirouette diamond rings.

Aside from Nicole, another celebrity worth mentioning on the award night adorned in Harry Winston’s piece was Isla Fisher, the wife of actor Sacha Baron. This fantastic piece of jewellery was said to be worth $5.5 million. This includes a diamond set in platinum of 73.55 carats necklace, 8.95-carat earrings, and two rings estimated to be 2.34 and 6.57 carats, respectively. On the award night, other stars in Harry Winston were Alison Brie, Patricia Clarkson, and Kristen Bell.


Before Bulgari was purchased in 2011 by LMVH, it had set a reputation as a strong brand in the jewelry industry. So, it is not so surprising the brand remained at the top in the 2019 jewelry area of the 2019 golden globe award. Both Lupita Nyong’o and Charlize Theron sparkled in Bulgari’s finest at the award gala-night. With several golden globe award nights still coming up, it’s always a pleasure to look out for what Bulgari brings to the table in subsequent award ceremonies.

Final thought

Since time immemorial, jewellery has been known as one of the most effective ways to glamorize any look. It’s always fascinating to see how celebrities complement their luxurious clothing at various events with these stunning pieces. This article has considered some of the best jewellery looks from the 2019 Golden Globe event.

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