How to NOT SUCK at Marketing!

Did you know there are ONLY two types of marketing:

Institutional Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

What is the difference between Institutional Marketing and Direct Response Marketing?

Institutional marketing is what most companies do to market their business. Typically, the message companies like this send out is a blown up business card. It does not give you a reason to respond. It just hopes if you see the ad enough that you will eventually respond.

Direct marketing is what FEW companies large or small understand. The best example of direct response marketing that everyone can think of is Proactive. It has had everyone from Jessica Simpson to P. Diddy endorsing the product. They do an amazing job of selling their products through marketing. Every single time they have the time tested methods attached to their marketing. Here are the key parts of direct response marketing:

-A clear Headline in their ads.
-They focus on the BENEFITS, Not the Feature. As the old saying goes no one buys a drill for a drill, they buy the drill to drill a hole!
-They have a compelling offer and reason why you should respond.
-They have tracking with each ad so they can figure out what works and what doesn’t!

These are some of the basics.

What I challenge you to do is look over your marketing. Does it do this? Does it have these principles?

If not, guess what? You can improve. Learn the basics. Put them in place as soon as possible. Track everything that you are doing!

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