Direct Linking Affiliate Marketing is Dead – Join the New Wave of Millionaires!

To make a job killing income online from affiliate marketing, you need a website; pure and simple. The days of direct linking affiliate products has gone the way of the dodo. People are a lot more “internet savvy” these days, and require a large amount of “pre-selling”.

Most people that allow others to promote their products via a Join Partnership (Affiliate Marketing) do not bother themselves with creating incredible sales letters. They figure that if they are going to give you anywhere from 50-75% of the commission, you should do the vast amount of marketing for them. Granted, the highest selling products do have professional internet marketers promoting them, but those are so highly competitive that you are best set going after the less known products.

These less known products may have a very simple sales letter than converts maybe 0.5% of direct traffic. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to increase this conversion by pre-selling.

How do you pre-sell? You need to send people to your own landing page where you pre-sell the product, perhaps collect their contact information (email) and then send them off to buy the product from your affiliate link. After reading a really good landing page, most interested people will skip past the ad copy of your affiliate and simply buy!

Creating your own website is really child’s play these days. Google have their own service called “Google Sites” which will host your website for free. You need only buy your own domain name, and set up forwarding to your website (unless you want an extremely long and ugly looking URL). The web design on Google Sites is as easy as typing on Word!

Always structure your ad copy in the way of a letter. Talk to the prospect, not at them, and let them know why they should invest (spend) their money on your product. What is the unique selling point? What makes your product so much better than all the others out there?

By choosing a less competitive market, you are able to slowly learn how to best structure this ad copy. You could even pay for someone to write it for you if you have the cash. Jumping straight into niches such as “make money” “weight gaining” or “weight loss” will have you competing with professional copy writers, and spending a fortune sending traffic which already has an endless supply of other places to buy from.

Check out the top rated “Sponsored Links” on Google for your keyword and see how your competition is writing their ad copy. See how they structure their website. If you are smart, and find a niche that has barely any competition, then learn from the big boys by reading the top sites rated for keywords in “Make Money Online” etc.

Notice how the best copy writers give the prospect only one choice. “Buy, or don’t buy”. Don’t have any other links on your site, don’t have Google Ads, or other advertisements, you want your prospect to read your ad copy, feel more interested in your affiliate product, click through and buy.

When I tell people this, they often ask why you should funnel traffic through a “landing page” rather than just direct linking. Surely, if you are getting 1000 clicks a day, and only 500 are going to the affiliate link, you are wasting money. No, you are separating the wheat from the chaff. Direct linking will convert around 0.5%-2%, pre-selling and then sending them to the affiliate site will convert around 3-10%. Collecting email addresses will allow you to convert even more.

The very best part about having a landing page is that you are able to use SEO to build up your ranking on Google. This equals free traffic. Also, Google (and practically all other PPC advertisement companies) can’t stand Direct Linking. Expect to have your ads shut down in a real hurry unless you are masking and forwarding your domain name.

If you are getting sub-par results from affiliate marketing, I hope you decide to give the above a go! To your success!

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